November 30

Melbourne CBD

On the 20/10/2015 all the seniors went on an excursion to the city so we can act  as a tourist. When we got to the city we divided our self’s in groups in every group there is a group leader, after we got our groups and explained every thing our group headed of with our maps we straight away went to captain’s cook’s cottage it was a bit of a walk but we made it after we had a look at captain’s cook cottage so our time for lunch was about to come so off we went back to the tram so we headed back to the acmi, we decided which place to eat but the teacher already decided to which place our class to eat. After we ate all the student’s waited for even  me to go up the eureka skydeck we walked towards it when we got in some students were scared but most were not well me i wasn’t all the students waited in line to get to the lift a few moments later it was our turn to get on the lift and go up to the eureka skydeck then off we went it was so quick then a flash of stop i was thinking to myself did we make it then the door opened the air was filled with excitement i ran to the first window that i could see the view was amazing after we done our work we finally could rest and look at the amazing view but our time was over so then we went back to school.   



November 17

Annual Sports Day

Hi every one, On 11/11/15 every class in st Margret Mary went to Al lard park for sport’s day it was hosted by Mr K where he brought all the equipment.

After we got to Al lard park the we all went to our own colors there were 4 colors they were Blue, Green, Red, Yellow the 1 activity was sprint where i got 4 i was still angry but i had a lot of fun after that we got in to our groups but with different color teams we started dodge ball i it was great fun for me and our group dodge ball it was the green who won it were red came 2 and blue came 3 for yellow well they didn’t get any points at all then we moved on to the next activity then from out of now were my dad was helping the 2 activity it was a shock to me to after we finished red came first yellow came 2 and green came 3 blue well last the 2 last thing was realas and herdals.