April 22

Literacy circles

downloadHi everyone,

In literacy circle our group read, the i read was  INFINITY RING it was only me and Marie we each had different roles but the other three members didn’t come, my role was creative connector I think I connected the book with my life really well. I think i am going to like these for the rest of the 7 weeks.

Do you have a favorite book? and what is it called?


April 22

Albert Einstein

Hi everyone,

today we watched a BTN clip about Albert Einstein what his personal information was about and his discovery’s, the

here is five facts about Albert Einstein:

  1. he didn’t like to wear socks.

2. he dropped out of school at the age of 15.

3. he moved Germany to Switzerland.

4. he failed his exam to get in collage.

5. in 1915 he made the general theory of relativity         http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4355244.htm


April 14


Green_square.svgHi everybody,

In maths we learned about tangrams its basically about shapes. We had to make shapes out of shapes

most of them were very hard to do, bot I almost did everyone of them there was also another one but you could choose one shape.

What is your favorite shape?

April 13

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hi it’s Namgyal,

today the grade six’s went to an excursion to st Patrick cathedral we had to take a train and also walk there once we finally got there we saw lots and lots of high school students and also primary students all around Melbourne the grade six’s, teacher and our principle we had to take the last seat it took about 1 hr and 15 mins after the mass was over we went to the