May 27

Literacy circle

Hi guys,

today the two grade 5’s and 6’s including me did literacy circle, this week my job was creative connector, we talked about what we wrote and what we did. After we explained all about our book and our jobs we had to do two things what went well this is what i wrote.

  1. I really liked Emily’s question is eyeball a pirate or an evil doctor?
  2. I also liked Marie’s summery about eyeball kicking the three main heroes into the ocean.

Do you guys have any cool books you like?

see you guys later bye.


May 20

Mad Libs

Hi guys,

On the 20/05/2016 the 2 grade 5 6 classes including me did Mad Libs, some of the grade 5 6′ s went to cross country. The  challenge was to add words to a story  like nouns, verbs etc and also we added water in your mouth so once you laughed you would spit out water. If I was you  I wouldn’t laugh, because water would go everywhere.

go to my friends blog and see there part of their story.

see you guys later bye.