June 23


Hi guys,

Today in inquiry all the other groups finished including our group, we felt relieved because we finished the task in the time given and excited to watch the final product and also watch the other groups Imovies.

The most challenging thing was the experiment because we didn’t know how the experiment will turn out and the other challenging thing was communication because we kept on talking at the same time and agreeing on some things and disagreeing .

The most fun parts were  recording and editing, recording was also a challenging thing because we couldn’t find the right angles for our movie’s but i liked it because when we do a new movie we know what the angles and the shots to do. The editing was easy because we all ready decided what to do and what not to do.

Here is our video:

See you guy’s later.



June 10

Decorative ceramic tile

Hi guys,

In art this term we had to decorate a ceramic tile, we had to use sharpies to color and  paint diluter. After this process we had to use a black sharpie to draw a picture on to the decorated ceramic tile. It was a really fun lesson and i enjoyed all of it, here is a picture of my art work


Namgyal out.

June 7

Inquiry part 2

Hi guys,

On the 7/6/16 we did inquiry we have started filming not just our group all the other groups, we had a different time as the other groups to start filming except two other groups have the same time as you to, our setting was the library  because nobody had been there but after 5 or 10 minutes, a group that had the same time as us came to the library, it was hard to film because we didn’t now when the other group had started to film.

bye come back for part 3