July 29

Sleep out Cancelled!

Hi guys,

Today I am talking about our sleep out getting cancelled it’s all because of the athletics getting cancelled, the very bad weather and there wasn’t enough people to go to the athletics so it got cancelled. So our Principal Mr Ryan Told all the grade 5’s and 6’s that the athletics would be on the following Friday and the sleep out would be cancelled. After I heard Mr Ryan saying the sleep out was cancelled I felt really angry because we didn’t get to help the poor and nobody wanted to go anyway because they all wanted to sleep in their beds instead of helping out millions of poor people.


                                                                           HELP THE HOMELESS!

July 19

The School Dance Concert

Hi guys,

On Wednesday we started something that I never thought I would do at school,

it’s dancing the whole school is doing it but different types of dances from different types of country’s. Senior B that’s the class that i’m in by the way is doing Bollywood the song we are dancing to is chammak challo Shahru khan and senior R is doing Hip Hop, the song that senior R is dancing to is All round the world by Justin Bieber.

See you guys in the next blog bye.


July 11

Goals For Term Three!

Hi guys,

It’s term three and I’m back from the two weeks holiday and ready for a new goal to improve on.

I’m determined to not get distracted while class is in progress or while I’m doing my work the only way to do that is to focus on the teacher and not disturbing the speaker while they are talking  and moving away from the people that usually talk to me or just not talk to them when class is in progress. I hope by the next week I don’t get distracted and focus on the speaker and focus on my work 100%

What do you guys have to work on?