August 26


Hi guys,

Today is book week celebration day in our school, people came as their favorite character in their books. I came as Andy from the tree story series most students came as the same characters the popular book was little red riding hood and the batman comic series at the morning we had a parade of students and teachers.


If you went to book week what favorite character would you be?



August 12


Hi guys,

On Wednesday at school we were learning about Idioms and how they work. I investigated three idioms they’re


  1. Hold your horses- wait a moment.
  2. Ball is in your court- your responsibilities.
  3. Reach for the stars- reach for your goals.


File_000My favorite idiom is when nature calls it means when you have to go to the toilet.


What’s your favorite idiom-



August 3

Immigration museum

Hi guys,

Yesterday on the 02/08/2016 the seniors went on an excursion to the immigration museum including me. Also four teacher came with us on the excursion Miss Bek, Miss Rachel. Miss Fiona and also Miss Suzanne it took us a short time to get because we used the best thing in the world trains to get to the immigration museum, my favourite part was going into the ship where we had to do lots of mini games and solve the puzzles. I learnt that the ship was not real also there was alot story how people moved to Australia and why people moved to Australia, i wonder how did the people who wanted to go to Australia slept also i wonder why there was only 8 beds instead of 10 beds. My opinion about the trip is that they should of added flags so the people who see the ship would now where they’re from.