September 15

Inquiry Project

Hi guys,

About 4 weeks ago we started an inquiry project. It migration and we got to choose our own thing to investigate.  Our tasks were like menu, you had to choose activities to do for a entree, main and dessert. As I progressed through the 4 weeks I have learnt that sometime you imagine things what you’re going to do but sometimes that never works out like how you planned it.

The most enjoyable part of my project was doing the power point, so I could put all my hard work on to a slideshow that will give other people great information about the past and the Gold Rush.

The most difficult part was when I had to start my artwork over again because I didn’t put enough effort in my first art piece. I think the project was a great way to get us to understand a bit more about the past and also to understand what kind of projects high school students do.

Have a look at my slideshow and let me know what you think!?


September 8


Hi guys,

For the past two weeks the seniors have been working on a picture story book in investigation. The book is called fox from Margaret Wild and Ron Brook, we’ve made power points so we can show what activity’s we’ve done, the activity’s were: character description, script writing, poetry, art response and main themes about the book.

What character do you like or hate?



September 2

police visit

Hi guys,

On Wednesday the police visited our school and they talked to us about how cyber bulling and all types of bulling can effect you, your parents and the person who bullied you.

They told us that  if you’re over the age of 10 you can be charged and that means if you are found guilty you might have to go to a juvenile detention.

They talked about apps that need information about us such as Pokemon Go, Instagram and Snap-chat. We were reminded that me must put ourselves to private so no strangers can find out personal information.

They also shared a story of  how a year 7 boy did the wrong thing and they couldn’t trace the culprit behind the scene.  

I wonder why people started bulling each other instead of respecting people how they are?

See you guys later.   IMG_0583