October 21


Hi guys,

Today we learned about ecosystem, ecosystem is a habitat where animals live like the marine habitat it’s for fish and all kinds of marine mammals. Our teacher gave us different habitats where there animals, she told us that we had to find information and all the animals that live their.

Information that I found:

  1. Life in the desert is difficult. Because animals have to experience hot days and cold nights, and shortages of water and food.
  2. Over time, native plants and animals have adapted life in the harsh desert environment.
  3. The Australian outback is 2.5 million squares miles in area.

After we got our information, we had to work with the people who did the same habitat as me, the Australian Desert.img_0859-1

What habitat would you do?


  1. Australian Desert
  2. Icy Arctic
  3. Mangrove Swamp
  4. African Grassland
  5. Limestone Cave
  6. Rain forest

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2 thoughts on “Ecosystem

  1. byronp

    Hi Namgyal,
    great post I enjoyed that activity to but the Australian desert is much easier than the limestone caves.



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