November 9

Marco Belinelli Italian project

Hi guys,

This semester we started a project in Italian with a partner. It was about a famous Italian person who inspired people or contributed to our Australian life, Liam and I decided to do it on Marco Belinelli who was a professional and famous NBA player, he was born March 25, 1986-San Giovanni in Persiceto, Italy.


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4 thoughts on “Marco Belinelli Italian project

  1. Thomas Polizzi

    Hey Namgyal Thomas here,
    I must say your Inquiry Project is quite amazing and I there is also some improvements you could do. You could at least translate the text to english so we can get a proper meaning of you’ve written. But anyway your slides was amazing, well done!
    From Thomas

  2. Joshua

    Hi Namgyal
    I play basketball and I really like the way Marco play his basketball. I also like how you did your slide in Italian.

    Who is your favorite basketball player.


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