November 23

Christmas Art Peice

Hi guys,

Last week we started a Christmas art piece called Christmas Baubles. We had to make a tree out of food dye and straws, we first put the food dye on the paper and blow it to different directions with the straws it turned out to be exhausting because we had to cover mostly of the page in food dye. Than we had to create the baubles we used water colors we had to cut the circles to different shapes so it would like a bauble.

What colors would you chose for your baubles?


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Art Peice

  1. Mya

    Hi Namgyal,
    I would (and did) colour my Christmas baubles light green yellow and red. It made a really cool effect. Also, I noticed some spelling and grammatical errors in your post. It was great but try and read over your work to make sure it makes sense.


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