March 23

Inquiry Project

Hi everyone

The two grade 5/6 classes finished their project all about natural disasters today. I chose to make a bush fire survival kit, other students chose something else. I think I really did well on my brochure but the thing I didn’t do well was my recording my sources.

Here it is…what do you think?

March 1

Hands on Science

Hands on science? Is an amazing thing to try out and I did it with my classmates today!

We did all kinds of experiments that were about natural disasters.


Charlie a Hands on Science member told us about how natural disasters occur, my favourite experiments were the ones where you spin the bottle around to create a mini tornado inside your bottle and the one about landslides where you got a sugar cube and a tub to put in the sugar cube in, then we got some eye drop things and dropped water slowly on the sugar cube.

Once I dropped the water it started to collapse just like a landslide.


A couple of photos: