December 14

Last blog

Hi guys,

This is going to be my last blog post for this year in primary school. I just want to say thank you for reading and commenting on my blog posts throughout this year, one of my special moments this year was when some of my friends and I came together and created the cheese gang where we always make jokes relating to cheese and also one of the most exciting moments was when I got Josh out in cricket.

Some of the challenges I had to face throughout this year was when I had to teach my buddie how to use the and also I had to face a challenging question in a maths problem about money, one of my successful moments was when I got along with my buddie and teached him how to use the computer.

Once again I would like to thank all of you for supporting me with every blog post I did throughout this year because I am not just writing this blog for fun but writing this because this is my last blog post on this blog.


November 23

Christmas Art Peice

Hi guys,

Last week we started a Christmas art piece called Christmas Baubles. We had to make a tree out of food dye and straws, we first put the food dye on the paper and blow it to different directions with the straws it turned out to be exhausting because we had to cover mostly of the page in food dye. Than we had to create the baubles we used water colors we had to cut the circles to different shapes so it would like a bauble.

What colors would you chose for your baubles?


November 17

Inquiry Project

Hi guys,

Over the last few weeks we started a project on campaigns. Our teachers put us in groups by using the partner wheel and also put us in different campaigns. Each group covered a different animal. My campaign was called “they’re calling on you”. It was about gorillas and how people are illegally mining for coltan. Coltan is found in the gorillas’ habitat and its removal destroys their habitat. This campaign is helping Australian’s become better phone users and Gorilla doctors are protecting wild gorillas through medical care saving species one patient at a time.

Comment down below which campaign you would choose to do?

  1. Seal The Loopdownload
  2. Don’t Palm us off
  3. They’re calling on you
  4. Love your locals
  5. Wipe For Wild Life
  6. Beads For Wild Life

and here is my partners blog:  Check out his post about his persuasive letter


October 28

Interschool Sports

Hi guys,

Today our teachers announced our Interschool sports team for this year. The Interschool sport team i’m in is the soccer team, i’m most excited for wining games and the excitement of our team wining,  the skill i’m hoping to develop is accuracy for shooting and passing also through balls. Making a good team is about communication and trust in your teammates.

Which sports would you choose:



Volley catch

comment down below




October 21


Hi guys,

Today we learned about ecosystem, ecosystem is a habitat where animals live like the marine habitat it’s for fish and all kinds of marine mammals. Our teacher gave us different habitats where there animals, she told us that we had to find information and all the animals that live their.

Information that I found:

  1. Life in the desert is difficult. Because animals have to experience hot days and cold nights, and shortages of water and food.
  2. Over time, native plants and animals have adapted life in the harsh desert environment.
  3. The Australian outback is 2.5 million squares miles in area.

After we got our information, we had to work with the people who did the same habitat as me, the Australian Desert.img_0859-1

What habitat would you do?


  1. Australian Desert
  2. Icy Arctic
  3. Mangrove Swamp
  4. African Grassland
  5. Limestone Cave
  6. Rain forest

Comment down below


October 18

Info Report

Hi guys,

About a week ago, we started a project in Inquiry on animals for the SOS 10. You could choose your own animal but it has to be vulnerable or more. The animal that I chose was the Southern Corroboree Frog. After that we had to do an information report about our animals that we chose.

What animal would you choose to take a stand for?

Bye for now!


October 14

The Zoo!

Hey guys,

On the 10/10/2016 we went on an excursion to the zoo, the reason we went to the zoo because we needed information about extinct and almost endangered animals.

We learned the Lord Howe Island Stick insect was thought to extinct for 80 years because of the black rats but scientist have  found 22 of them on a plant on Lord Howe Island.

We all got information about extinct animals we also had to lend our voices to a animal that you wanted to save, I pick the Lord Howe Island

What animal would you lend your voices to?



September 15

Inquiry Project

Hi guys,

About 4 weeks ago we started an inquiry project. It migration and we got to choose our own thing to investigate.  Our tasks were like menu, you had to choose activities to do for a entree, main and dessert. As I progressed through the 4 weeks I have learnt that sometime you imagine things what you’re going to do but sometimes that never works out like how you planned it.

The most enjoyable part of my project was doing the power point, so I could put all my hard work on to a slideshow that will give other people great information about the past and the Gold Rush.

The most difficult part was when I had to start my artwork over again because I didn’t put enough effort in my first art piece. I think the project was a great way to get us to understand a bit more about the past and also to understand what kind of projects high school students do.

Have a look at my slideshow and let me know what you think!?


September 8


Hi guys,

For the past two weeks the seniors have been working on a picture story book in investigation. The book is called fox from Margaret Wild and Ron Brook, we’ve made power points so we can show what activity’s we’ve done, the activity’s were: character description, script writing, poetry, art response and main themes about the book.

What character do you like or hate?