September 2

police visit

Hi guys,

On Wednesday the police visited our school and they talked to us about how cyber bulling and all types of bulling can effect you, your parents and the person who bullied you.

They told us that  if you’re over the age of 10 you can be charged and that means if you are found guilty you might have to go to a juvenile detention.

They talked about apps that need information about us such as Pokemon Go, Instagram and Snap-chat. We were reminded that me must put ourselves to private so no strangers can find out personal information.

They also shared a story of  how a year 7 boy did the wrong thing and they couldn’t trace the culprit behind the scene.  

I wonder why people started bulling each other instead of respecting people how they are?

See you guys later.   IMG_0583

August 26


Hi guys,

Today is book week celebration day in our school, people came as their favorite character in their books. I came as Andy from the tree story series most students came as the same characters the popular book was little red riding hood and the batman comic series at the morning we had a parade of students and teachers.


If you went to book week what favorite character would you be?



August 12


Hi guys,

On Wednesday at school we were learning about Idioms and how they work. I investigated three idioms they’re


  1. Hold your horses- wait a moment.
  2. Ball is in your court- your responsibilities.
  3. Reach for the stars- reach for your goals.


File_000My favorite idiom is when nature calls it means when you have to go to the toilet.


What’s your favorite idiom-



August 3

Immigration museum

Hi guys,

Yesterday on the 02/08/2016 the seniors went on an excursion to the immigration museum including me. Also four teacher came with us on the excursion Miss Bek, Miss Rachel. Miss Fiona and also Miss Suzanne it took us a short time to get because we used the best thing in the world trains to get to the immigration museum, my favourite part was going into the ship where we had to do lots of mini games and solve the puzzles. I learnt that the ship was not real also there was alot story how people moved to Australia and why people moved to Australia, i wonder how did the people who wanted to go to Australia slept also i wonder why there was only 8 beds instead of 10 beds. My opinion about the trip is that they should of added flags so the people who see the ship would now where they’re from.



July 29

Sleep out Cancelled!

Hi guys,

Today I am talking about our sleep out getting cancelled it’s all because of the athletics getting cancelled, the very bad weather and there wasn’t enough people to go to the athletics so it got cancelled. So our Principal Mr Ryan Told all the grade 5’s and 6’s that the athletics would be on the following Friday and the sleep out would be cancelled. After I heard Mr Ryan saying the sleep out was cancelled I felt really angry because we didn’t get to help the poor and nobody wanted to go anyway because they all wanted to sleep in their beds instead of helping out millions of poor people.

                                                                           HELP THE HOMELESS!

July 19

The School Dance Concert

Hi guys,

On Wednesday we started something that I never thought I would do at school,

it’s dancing the whole school is doing it but different types of dances from different types of country’s. Senior B that’s the class that i’m in by the way is doing Bollywood the song we are dancing to is chammak challo Shahru khan and senior R is doing Hip Hop, the song that senior R is dancing to is All round the world by Justin Bieber.

See you guys in the next blog bye.


July 11

Goals For Term Three!

Hi guys,

It’s term three and I’m back from the two weeks holiday and ready for a new goal to improve on.

I’m determined to not get distracted while class is in progress or while I’m doing my work the only way to do that is to focus on the teacher and not disturbing the speaker while they are talking  and moving away from the people that usually talk to me or just not talk to them when class is in progress. I hope by the next week I don’t get distracted and focus on the speaker and focus on my work 100%

What do you guys have to work on?



June 23


Hi guys,

Today in inquiry all the other groups finished including our group, we felt relieved because we finished the task in the time given and excited to watch the final product and also watch the other groups Imovies.

The most challenging thing was the experiment because we didn’t know how the experiment will turn out and the other challenging thing was communication because we kept on talking at the same time and agreeing on some things and disagreeing .

The most fun parts were  recording and editing, recording was also a challenging thing because we couldn’t find the right angles for our movie’s but i liked it because when we do a new movie we know what the angles and the shots to do. The editing was easy because we all ready decided what to do and what not to do.

Here is our video:

See you guy’s later.



June 10

Decorative ceramic tile

Hi guys,

In art this term we had to decorate a ceramic tile, we had to use sharpies to color and  paint diluter. After this process we had to use a black sharpie to draw a picture on to the decorated ceramic tile. It was a really fun lesson and i enjoyed all of it, here is a picture of my art work


Namgyal out.

June 7

Inquiry part 2

Hi guys,

On the 7/6/16 we did inquiry we have started filming not just our group all the other groups, we had a different time as the other groups to start filming except two other groups have the same time as you to, our setting was the library  because nobody had been there but after 5 or 10 minutes, a group that had the same time as us came to the library, it was hard to film because we didn’t now when the other group had started to film.

bye come back for part 3